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Shenghe Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

Precise / Efficient / Modular

Shanghai Shenghe Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shenghe Precision Machinery), founded in 2006, is a technology-based entity enterprise specializing in the field of multi-station rotary transfer machine tools, integrating research and development, production, sales, and service. We provide efficient and intelligent rotary machine tools for industries such as plumbing, sanitary ware, refrigerator, fire protection, gas, and automotive parts, a highly experienced professional technical team in mechanical design, industrial control skills, equipment monitoring, process analysis, and lean construction. The company continuously absorbs professional talents and introduces advanced foreign products and technologies, constantly innovating, integrating, and upgrading, establishing a good corporate image of high quality, excellent service, and strong reputation in the field of intelligent combination machine tools.

In 2021, Shenghe Precision Machinery (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. was established in the Jiaxing Port District of Zhejiang province. Guided by the business philosophy of “Integrity, Pragmatism, Determination, and Innovation,” the company remains trustworthy, pragmatic, constantly exploring any possibilities, and pursuing greater development opportunities. Emphasizing technology and valuing talents, Shenghe Team provides an excellent competitive platform for every outstanding individual who is willing to strive, and wholeheartedly offers high-quality products and services to each customer, aiming to create and share the value brought by technology.

Development Path

Precise / Efficient / Modular
Year 2006
Established Shanghai Shenghe Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
Year 2008
The product line of Automatic Rotary Transfer Machine launched
Year 2010
Initiated The Development of Servo Rotary Tables, Servo Boring Power Unit, and Threading/Turning Power Unit, filling the gap in domestic production in the field of RTM specialized precision machinery
Year 2013
Successfully developed Multi-Spindle Servo Integrated System, fully loaded and applied to The entire series of products
Year 2016
On The 10th Anniversary of The Company’s Establishment, the cumulative sales of The entire product line have surpassed ONE THOUSAND units
Year 2017
Performance doubled, a busy year
Year 2018
With hearts set on our aspirations, forging ahead with determination.We are always on our way
Year 2021
Shenghe Precision Machinery Zhejiang Co., Ltd. was established and settled in Jiaxing, Zhejiang
Year 2023
The newly developed Multi-station Rotary Transfer Servo Machine project won the Certificate of Technology Commercialization

Company Culture

Precise / Efficient / Modular

Core: Do not forget the original intention, unswervingly complete the goal!

Company Mission: To pragmatically innovate, to deeply integrate high-efficiency processing machine tools. With intelligent manufacturing applications, and strive relentlessly to advance the development of intelligent manufacture.

Company Vision: To leading the manufacturing industry of high-efficiency rotary transfer machine tool.

Core Values: Unity, Efficiency, Professionalism, Pragmatism, Integrity, and Enterprise.


The company adheres to a humanistic management philosophy, providing employees with a conducive work environment, training opportunities, and career development paths.

Additionally, the company emphasizes guiding and practicing ethical and belief values, following principles of integrity, responsibility, and honesty.

The company values cooperative relationships with various stakeholders, pursuing mutual development and win-win outcomes. It seeks to establish long-term and stable partnerships with customers, suppliers, and collaborators, leveraging shared resources, technological innovation, and market expansion to achieve synergistic effects and mutual growth.


Technical: Shenghe attaches great importance to technology development. Through years of technological innovation and industry experience, the company has gathered experience in many fields.

Quality: Shenghe has a high-quality staff. They are young and creative, with outstanding ability and excellent professional skill, and with their fanatical pursuit of their own careers, they continue to develop and progress.

Service advantages: Professional and meticulous service team has senior customer service experience, all through “standard and professional” on-the-job training, and implement the “7×24-hour” service mechanism.

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