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Shanghai Shenghe
Precision Machinery

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Company History

An Integrated Physical Technology Enterprise Offering Customized Services in Multi-Station Rotary Transfer Machine Design and Manufacturing, as well as Development of Automation Application Systems.

Established Shanghai Shenghe Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
The product line of Automatic Rotary Transfer Machine launched.
Initiated The Development of Servo Rotary Tables, Servo Boring Power Unit, and Threading/Turning Power Unit, filling the gap in domestic production in the field of RTM specialized precision machinery.
Successfully developed Multi-Spindle Servo Integrated System, fully loaded and applied to The entire series of products
On The 10th Anniversary of The Company’s Establishment, the cumulative sales of The entire product line have surpassed ONE THOUSAND units.
Performance doubled, a busy year.
With hearts set on our aspirations, forging ahead with determination. We are always on our way.
Shenghe Precision Machinery Zhejiang Co., Ltd. was established and settled in Jiaxing, Zhejiang
The newly developed Multi-station Rotary Transfer Servo Machine project won the Shanghai High-tech Transformation Project

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