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The Development of Special Machine Tool Technology for Valves and the Insufficiency of my country’s Industry

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  [I], the development of valve machine tool technology  CNC technology and equipment is the basic skill technology and relatively basic equipment for the development of high-tech industries and industries. Manufacturing technology and equipment are the basic means of production for human production activities, and numerical control technology is the core technology of today’s advanced manufacturing technology and equipment. Nowadays, CNC technology is widely used in the manufacturing industry in various countries in the world to improve manufacturing capacity and level, improve the adaptability and competitiveness of the dynamic and changeable market. In addition, the world’s various industries are developed, and CNC technology and CNC equipment are listed as strategic materials, not only taking major measures to develop their own CNC technology and its industry, but also implementing blockade and restriction policies on China in terms of “high-precision and cutting-edge” CNC key technologies and equipment. In short, vigorously developing advanced manufacturing technology with CNC technology as the core has become an important way for developed countries in the world to accelerate economic development and improve their comprehensive national strength and status.  After the development of CNC technology in recent decades, it is mainly divided into two stages: one stage, one hardware numerical control (NC) era. In terms of hardware development, this era mainly from the tube in 1952 to the transistor separation element in 1959, and then to the small-scale integrated circuit in 1965.  Two-stage one-one software numerical control (CNC) era. This era mainly lasted from minicomputers in 1970 to microprocessors in 1974 to personal-based PCs in 1990.  In order to ensure the high reliability of the valve machine, the design should not only consider its functional and mechanical characteristics, but also carry out reliability design, reasonably allocate the reliability indicators of each component according to the reliability requirements, pay attention to the quality requirements in the procurement and manufacturing process of accessories, and strengthen quality management to seek the continuous growth of reliability.  [2], the shortage of China’s valve drilling machine industry  After decades of development, the scale of China’s valve drilling machine industry is expanding day by day. Although China’s machine tool industry has made great progress, compared with the United States, Japan, Germany, etc., there is still a big gap in valve drilling machines, mainly reflected in the following aspects: (1) Low numerical control rate. At present, China’s valve drilling machine has more volume, but China’s numerical control rate is much lower than that of the West. (2) There is a large gap in functional components. The functional components of the valve drilling machine are mainly CNC system, spindle, tool magazine, ball screw pair, rolling linear guide pair, etc. These main functional components determine the level and level of accuracy that the machine can achieve. At present, the CNC system used in the valve drilling machine manufactured in China is still the system of FANLTC in Japan, SIEMENS and DMG in Germany.

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