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Application of electrical control of valve drilling machine and overview of electrical control system

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<1>, the application of electric control of valve latheDuring the actual application of traditional valve lathes, some failures may occur. In severe cases, it will cause injury to the machine operator. Therefore, emergency stop processing is often performed on valve lathes. However, the PLC-based valve lathe electrical control system has improved flexibility, stability, and reliability, and can monitor the processing technology and machine tool components to achieve the expected control requirements. In the process of practical application, the combination of numerical control system and PLC technology can further improve the electrical equipment in the valve lathe, increase the storage capacity of data information, and also improve the response speed and intelligence level of the equipment. With the help of numerical control system and PLC technology, the information in the electrical automation control system of valve lathe can be transmitted, the accuracy of relevant processing information data is fundamentally guaranteed, and the efficiency of information input will also be improved accordingly. For example, if PLC technology is applied to the valve lathe, all the signals in the valve lathe can run stably, and the relevant functions will be realized. PLC technology will realize two-way signal transmission, and then monitor the working status of the machine tool. Taking the intermediate relay in the valve lathe control circuit as an example, if there is a power failure, a group of normally open contacts of the relay will send an emergency stop alarm signal through the PLC input terminal, so as to ensure the operation and further realize the valve lathe automation. Not only that, in the actual application process, the switching value control operation is also the key to the electrical automation control system of the valve lathe. Ordinary valve lathes use electromagnetic relays to control the switching value, but with the development of industrial production and the continuous improvement of industrial technology New, traditional control methods are obviously no longer suitable for the current production methods, but will also have a negative impact on industrial production efficiency. Faced with such a situation, with the help of PLC technology, the characteristics and advantages of this technology are fully utilized to make up for the defects in the electromagnetic relay. For example: with the help of PLC technology, according to the combination of switch input and historical input sequence, the output of switch can be realized, and then the information can be processed through the user input device and CPU, and finally a complete signal will be output.Valve special machine tools are affected by various unfavorable factors such as thermal deformation, friction, vibration and inertia in the process of assembly, control and movement, coupled with the movement coupling of the moving axis and the yaw axis, the precision of the valve special machine tool is seriously attenuated, and the parts The precision machining has had a great impact.<2> Overview of electrical control system for valve lathesThe valve lathe is an electromechanical device that integrates electricity, machine, and gas. Its electrical control system is the core to ensure its reliable operation. Once the electrical control system fails, it will cause abnormal operation of the valve lathe and affect production. With the development of numerical control technology, the faults of the electrical control system of valve lathes show a trend of diversification and complexity.1. Composition of electrical control systemThe electrical control system of the valve lathe is mainly composed of 3 parts, namely the PLC for the machine tool, the peripheral voltage electrical control system and the actuator. Its main function is to ensure the normal operation of the valve lathe.

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