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Functional Analysis of Valve Drilling Machine and Troubleshooting of Electrical Control System

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  <1>, functional analysis of valve machine tools  There are many types of valve machine tools, we can simply analyze a kind of machine tool in the valve machine tool, not only X, Y axis, but also four Z axis, in the work can reach X, Y, Z axis three-axis linkage, shaft and shaft can move at the same time, can also separate movement.  In order to realize the control of the fully closed loop, the motion trajectory of the X and Y axes can be used to position the table to improve the machining accuracy. By controlling the frequency converter, the synchronous control of the four spindle motors is realized.  The X-Y axis is used to protect the double limit position, and then the lower side of the Z axis is limited. In order to improve the processing efficiency of the valve machine tool and make the speed of the spindle reach a high level, it is necessary to monitor the motor temperature in real time and equip it with a cooling water pump to provide good temperature protection for the machine tool. In order to achieve automatic and manual tool change, the spindle is equipped with a special mechanical tool changer and tool magazine. After the manipulator changes the tool of the machine tool, the automatic measurement of the tool and position, improving the quality of processing, in the detection of the tool is found to be worn or broken, the machine tool detection system will appear prompt, through the system’s instructions to complete the automatic tool change and manual tool change.  Convert to selection behavior. In view of some needs for the intelligence of valve special machine tools, such as easy to use, easy to maintain, comfortable operation, good manufacturing flexibility and high performance is difficult to measure with quantitative indicators, considering that the needs of intelligent manufacturing are vague.  <二>, valve machine tool electrical control system troubleshooting  1. Initialize reset. In the process of running the electrical control system of the valve machine tool, there will often be sudden failures, resulting in fault alarms, for sudden failures, you can use the initialization reset mode to throw, such as hardware reset, open and close the system power supply, etc., in the system working storage area, if there is a battery undervoltage, plug the circuit board or power down and cause the failure, you can carry out system initialization processing, and do a good job of data copy and record, after initialization, if the fault is not eliminated, it means that it is not a software program failure, Hardware diagnostics are required.  2. Parameter correction and program correction. System parameters are an important basis for system function, and incorrect parameter settings will cause the system to fail to exercise normal functions or malfunction. In the process of running the electrical system of the valve machine tool, user program errors may also lead to failures, causing system shutdown, at this time, you can use the system search function to search and check errors, and then targeted program correction to ensure the normal operation of the system.  3. Optimize adjustment. The optimization adjustment is mainly aimed at the servo drive system and the dragged mechanical system of an adjustment method, can achieve the best matching adjustment, this method principle is simple, easy to operate, with the help of storage function dual-trace oscilloscope or multi-line recorder to observe the reaction relationship between the operation instruction and current and speed feedback, the speed regulator integration time and scale coefficient adjustment, without oscillation on the basis of improving the dynamic response characteristics of the servo system, to ensure the best working state of the servo system. If the equipment is not checked at the job site, it is required

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